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the female factor partners with EY in support of a more diverse workforce

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

We are more than proud to announce a new partnership with EY, a global leader in consulting, assurance, strategy and transactions and tax services. EY’s commitment to build a better working world is displayed throughout their practices of empowering their employees to become transformative leaders and to build their own EY experiences.

“There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish” – Michelle Obama

Future Female Talents at EY

why having a gender diverse workforce is important

Why do companies need a gender diverse workforce? EY’s research has shown that businesses benefit in a number of different ways from increasing gender diversity:

  • higher number of creative solutions to problems

  • an increase in productivity due to the differentiation amongst workers

  • increased morale within the company

  • reduces mistakes made in the company decision-making through possessing different perspectives

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace can not only enable companies to operate more efficiently, but also possess a stronger competitive advantage.

In addition, the future of organisational practices relies on diversity and the representation of women in all areas of the company. A diverse workforce leads to an innovative workforce, something which EY understands and conveys in their business practices.

methods to fight underrepresentation of women

The underrepresentation of women in traditionally male-dominated fields, such as consulting, is a challenge that EY has tackled through their equality hiring methods and progressive nature of employing women in management positions. Their efforts have paid off as EY was awarded equalitA seal of approval for the in-house promotion of women from the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs, Austria for the first time in 2021.

EY is focusing on the empowerment and the support of women in the workplace through their initiative “Women. Fast Forward”. Throughout their “Women. Fast Forward” (WFF) platform, EY is guiding people throughout the world to recognise and advance women through specific commitments which they designed to accelerate change. Their WFF platform is built upon three different pillars; women entrepreneurs, women in business, and women in technology with the aim to include women in decision-making, design, and execution across all levels.

“Diversity is deeply anchored in the DNA of our organization. These different perspectives, ideas and skills are important factors for our success. Therefore we are glad to support the female factor to not only promote the careers of women but also encourage them to pursue careers, especially in STEM.” - Claudia Maikisch, Head of Human Resources at EY Austria

“It’s fantastic to see that EY is aware of the potential of having more women in the workplace and the need for change in the prevalent structures of consulting companies. It’s an honour to support them on their gender diversity and inclusion journey” - by Mahdis Gharaei, CEO at the female factor

EY Austria is setting a strong example of what it means to support and promote the careers of women and to implement gender diversity throughout their company. EY’s mentality of #SheBelongs shows how committed they are to driving awareness to gender equality. They believe that gender equality is the solution to both society and business’s most complex challenges. From their hiring processes to their mentoring program, EY is committed to diversity and inclusion, a trend that is here to stay for the foreseeable (if not permanent) future.

joining forces to move the needle

The female factor supports EY in attracting and retaining female digital-first talents, as well as creating development opportunities for female employees through tailor-made experiences. EY leaders gain access to an international community of female leaders to create change across all industries, and are showcased as part of the female factor mentoring network.

Together, EY Austria and the female factor are actively working together to continue supporting and empowering women in their careers and actively contribute to gender equality and diversity in the workplace.

about our partner

EY is a global leader in the auditing and consulting industry and across Austria, they are represented with over 1,000 employees at four locations. EY believe that through diversity and inclusion they are able to solve the toughest challenges together by valuing differences and teaming inclusively to build safety and trust.

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