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attract and recruit your future female employees

We help you execute an inclusive hiring strategy to reach more women and fulfil your diversity quota

easily hire female employees across industries and professions

Having a diverse workforce is not only the right thing to do, it's also financially beneficial. We help you executing an inclusive hiring strategy to reach more women and fulfill your diversity quota. 

No matter if you’re looking to fill a single position or recruiting at scale – we are here to help.

benefits working with us


access our community of (future) female leaders


fast and efficient hiring with a female-focused funnel


position your company as attractive employer

get to know our talent search process


Send us your open positions


Hop on a kickoff call to discuss your needs 


Receive a first preview within 2 working days


Obtain the full list of candidates


We'll take care of the pre-screen interviews for you

case study: FinTech scale up

Winning female talent as a fintech company (especially one active in the crypto & blockchain scene) is quite a challenge. We managed to boost the ratio of female applicants by  300 %, resulting in gender parity of the leadership team.

percentage of female applicants.png
"Our leadership team is now 60% female! This is absolutely groundbreaking in this industry and it makes me really proud! Thank you!"

Jasmina Punek, Diversity & Inclusion Manager at Bank Austria

interested what else you can do to attract more female candidates?

Our white paper showcases best practices and proven frameworks to a more inclusive employer brand and to attract more female talents for your company. 

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Ready to hire female talents?

We'd love to hear from you.​

Lisa Ambros

VP Business Development

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