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reach your
diversity goals

we support you in attracting to retaining female employees


be a driver of diversity AND perform better financially.

according to studies gender-inclusive companies achieve:

higher returns on equity
better sales
greater ROI

our community is focused on female millennials

6,500+ community members.
1,000,000+ reach through community partners.

15% Industrial & Engineering

13% Communications

12% Consulting

& Coaching

9% Finance

Other Industries

26% Experienced Professionals

24% Entrepreneurs

10% 1-3 years in 

9% 3+ years in

Other Career Stages

by 2025, 75% of the global workforce will be comprised of millennials. By defining their culture and purpose, companies can attract and retain top talent.

- Ernst and Young

it's time to prepare for the next generation of leaders.

what does the next generation of leaders want from their employer?



including scope of work, time & location


great leadership 

with feedback culture


diversity & inclusion

as part of company culture & strategic goals

here is how we can support
you on this journey:

employer branding services

position yourself as an active driver of female empowerment, diversity & inclusion and innovation - proven qualities to attract and retain employees and the next generation of leaders.

female talent scouting

we proactively source the most qualified female (and male) candidates for your roles from our own community and beyond and prescreen them to make sure they are meeting your requirements and company culture.

job ads femalefactor-preview.png

job postings

access a pool of qualified, digital-first female talents across Europe by posting your jobs in our network.

talent development and retention

we engage and empower your employees by connecting them to female leaders across the world and through our mentoring program to drive better business performance.

CSR reportings & benchmarking

advance and implement a successful Diversity & Inclusion journey and track your impact and success through our yearly report.

what our partners say about us


“We are deeply committed to taking action to further increase female representation in senior leadership, as well as continue building our culture of inclusion and care and here we see the female factor as an important partner." 


Jasmina Punek
Diversity & Inclusion Manager

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