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reinventing HR: the dynamic duo behind one of Europe’s biggest HR conferences

Once upon a time, in the high-paced corridors of a small consultancy, two women found a spark of inspiration amid a sea of conventional HR practices. Sindy Amadei, the then-CEO, and Victoria Schmied, a new project manager, instantly clicked. Not just because they loved dealing with people, but because they believed that the HR world needed a serious facelift. Nearly a decade later, that initial spark has turned into an influential bonfire, igniting change in HR practices across the DACH region through their enterprise ÜBERALL scene development GmbH and the acclaimed HR Inside Summit.

business with friends

In 2014, both women took a daring leap, leaving their jobs to dive into the unpredictability of entrepreneurship. Why? Because they wanted to run a business their way—centered on real work-life balance, flexible working hours, locations, and most importantly, a company culture that felt like doing "business with friends."

"We wanted to be the change agents, not just functionaries pushing paperwork," Sindy emphasized. "

Sindy Amadei and Victoria Schmid
Sindy Amadei and Victoria Schmied

The world was shifting, and the HR scene was not keeping up."

ÜBERALL scene development GmbH became their experimental lab, where HR was more than a function—it was the heart of corporate culture. And it didn't take long for their innovative ideas to catch on, setting the stage for a larger platform.

the birth of the HR Inside Summit

While ÜBERALL was successfully redefining HR landscapes for their clients, Sindy and Victoria felt the need to scale their vision, leading to the creation of the HR Inside Summit.

"The summit isn't just an event; it's a revolution," Victoria said. "We designed it to challenge the HR community to move past outdated practices like offering fruit baskets as employee benefits."

It's not just about filling seats with attendees but about creating a communal atmosphere where HR professionals can truly engage with the evolving dynamics of the employment world.

HR Inside Summit
HR Inside Summit

driving in tandem: the complementary forces

What truly sets Sindy and Victoria apart is their complementary leadership styles, akin to a perfectly synchronized car ride. "I’m the one pushing the gas pedal," Sindy admits with a smile. "But Victoria knows exactly when to tap the brakes. She ensures we're not just going fast, but also in the right direction."

Victoria adds, "It's this balance that helps us arrive at our destination, even if we sometimes squabble about the speed or route."

a mindset, not just an event

At the heart of their collaborative success is a shared ethos. Both agree that the HR industry can't afford complacency. "We have a driving force that yearns for positive change," Sindy noted. "HR is not just about recruiting and employee retention; it's about shaping the corporate culture, about strategic transformation, and above all, about people."

The duo's commitment to modernizing HR practices is more than just a professional endeavor; it's their calling. "We’re not just building an event; we're nurturing a community. A movement, even. And every year, when the HR Inside Summit comes around, we see that movement grow, evolve, and inspire," Victoria concluded.

As the DACH region gears up for the upcoming HR Inside Summit, scheduled for 11 and 12 October 2023, Sindy and Victoria look back at their journey with pride and look forward with enthusiasm. The HR realm may be fraught with challenges, but with visionaries like them it's headed in a direction that promises authentic engagement, meaningful change, and a future where businesses truly understand the "human" in human resources.

So if you're tired of stale coffee and uninspired PowerPoint slides at HR conferences, perhaps it's time to experience what Sindy and Victoria have passionately crafted—a summit that doesn't just discuss the future but actively shapes it.

HR Inside Summit: 11 and 12 October 2023, Hofburg Vienna, Heldenplatz, 1010 Vienna

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