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hiring resources for hr decision-makers

Hiring the right people is tough enough, our resources aim to make your life as recruiter and HR decision-maker a little easier along your journey.

interested what you can do to attract more female candidates?

Our white paper showcases best practices and proven frameworks to a more inclusive employer brand and for attracting more female talents to your company. 

attracting female talents - whitepaper.png

want to get your DEI score benchmark? 

With over 1.000+ companies measured, we'll give you a benchmark of your DEI score in your industry. 

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create a female-friendly employer brand

Attracting diverse talent can be hard. Our tailored step-by-step guide helps you to position your company as an inclusive employer.

effective diversity & inclusion strategy

How can you ensure an inclusive culture where female talent thrives? Our white paper shares the best practices on how to set up an effective DEI strategy.

calculate your diversity & inclusion score

Benchmarking can be a great too to find out where you stand. Submit your info now and get your DEI score delivered to your mailbox.

ever wondered how your employer brand can be measured?

Through regular community surveys and benchmarking against data from over 1,000 companies we aim to give you a 360° view on your employer brand perception. 

employer branding score audit.png

eager to discover the largest untapped pool of talent in business?

Watch the popular TEDx talk of Mahdis Gharaei, co-founder and co-ceo of the female factor on stage, talking about diversity in business

mahdis gharaei tedx talk women in business.png

smart tools & discounts for recruiting?

Check out all free and discounted tools for a smooth recruitment & development experience. 

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