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let's discuss employer branding strategies with pioneering companies in Europe through an authentic and open exchange

the female factor's HR roundtables

Our HR roundtables are hybrid meetups with selected HR managers from leading organizations in Europe. Together we discuss challenges, best practices, and experiences of employer branding in recruitment and in employee retention to learn from each other. 

what to expect from our HR roundtables

join the next hr roundtable.

Our HR roundtables are invite-only events. You can register your interest for the next one below and we'll reach out to see if there is a fit.

during our roundtable, we will cover topics such as: 

🔥 what is employer branding? 

🔥 how to attract and retain female employees?

🔥 what are examples of employer branding?

🔥 how can you measure your employer brand? 

🔥 how can you use employer branding for talent acquisition? 

🔥 how can you use employer branding for employee retention?

🔥 which diversity and inclusion training is effective? 

🔥 how to increase diversity and inclusion in the workplace? 

🔥 which employee retention strategy do other companies use? 

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