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simple steps to attract more female employees


why diversity in business is important

Gender diversity in the workplace offers a wide range of benefits for everyone, so hiring more women can be crucial for sustainable business success.

higher innovation potential
happier employees
higher business revenue
increased productivity

interested what you can do to attract more female candidates?

Our white paper showcases best practices and proven frameworks to a more inclusive employer brand and for attracting more female talents to your company. 

attracting female talents - whitepaper.png

the six steps to attract female employees

get an overview about the six steps and an easy to follow checklist to set your employer brand up for success


reflect upon internal steps to take within the business

Reflect upon your business practices before you get started. Is your business really ready for the next steps?

what female talents want from their employer survey data

facilitate your female employees’ needs

Show potential employees that your company is inclusive and considerate of the needs of all employees.


show how you support your female employees

Having role models (eg through mentoring) for your female employees encourages them to stay with the company as you are fostering an environment of growth and development.

establish gender diversity KPI goals

We recommend to choose tangible and achievable KPIs when first venturing into becoming more diverse.

learn how to establish gender diversity KPIs.png

limit bias across communication and in hiring processes

Start by removing all possible bias by using inclusive and non-binary words, e.g. instead of saying “he or she” use “they or you”. 

Pro tip: To limit any unconscious bias, try bias-free hiring software. Save 15 % on Equalture's software by using the code "FEMALEFACTOR" at checkout.

gender-coded words against bias.png

spread the word to more women

You must ensure that your inclusive employer brand image and your job postings reach women who could potentially work for your company.


retain your (female) employees

Engage and empower your employees by understanding their needs, empower them through development opportunities and mentoring.

retain your female employees.jpg

measure your progress

advance and implement a successful Diversity & Inclusion journey and track your impact and success.

employer branding score audit.png

Where are you on your diversity journey?

Lisa Ambros

VP Business Development

+43 664 12 70 604

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