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we will guide you through your diversity & inclusion journey


based on the European Commission’s own D&I strategy

we assess your organization’s needs and provide you with the right resources to guide you towards an effective D&I strategy.

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want to get your DEI score benchmark? 

With over 1.000+ companies measured, we'll give you a benchmark of your DEI score in your industry. 

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learn how to implement an effective diversity and inclusion strategy


we will calculate your company's D&I score

by using internal and external factors we will benchmark you and assess your company's diversity and inclusion score.  

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together we set the right goals

Based on your individual goals, we review your policies and code of conduct. To ensure the implementation, you receive an action plan guide.  ​


receive diversity and inclusion training

Join tailor-made workshops focusing on valuing diverse perspectives, attracting and retaining female talents, detecting & tackling unconscious bias, and many more.

learn from inclusive hiring practices 

With best practice guides, checklists, and an anti-bias check, we want to help you attract the best female employees. Additionally, our talent scouting team can support for key hires or to get the ball rolling.  

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empowered employees and increased retention

we engage and empower your employees by connecting them to female leaders across the world and through our mentoring program to drive better business performance.


diversity CSR reportings & benchmarking

Through data-driven follow-up, one-on-one check-ins, and annual CSR reportings we make sure that you hit your diversity goals.

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Where are you on your diversity & inclusion journey?

Lisa Ambros

VP Business Development

+43 664 12 70 604

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