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top job platforms to recruit female candidates in 2023

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

Team diversity is not only beneficial to the financial situation of a business, but it's also a form of female empowerment. Besides, it offers a strategic advantage at a leadership level. Female-focused job platforms can help you to achieve your company’s D&I goals faster.

According to current research, gender inclusive companies achieve:

This undeniable evidence of diversity benefits is a powerful statement for the importance of targeting a pool of more diverse candidates within recruitment strategies and the advantages of implementing D&I practices. While doing so, it's equally important to take into consideration the voice of potential talent and build your recruitment initiatives accordingly.

The results of a recent survey we've conducted showed that women especially value inclusive leadership practices, regular feedback and transparency, besides the non-negotiables for most of us: flexible working conditions, equal pay and opportunities for growth.

what female leaders want: priorities for women in the workplace survey findings

If you want to stay competitive in the war for female talents, it's important to invest in your employer branding and start showcasing what efforts you have done so far. The main problem with mainstream job platforms is the lack of space offered to employers to express their employer brand accordingly. Therefore, their D&I efforts are not properly stated and this leads to an ineffective effort in attracting talents according to their offers.

If you are currently struggling to meet your female applicants quota or your D&I goals, you are not alone! We wanted to make (female) talent acquisition a little easier for you and compiled a list of job platforms that focus on the needs of today’s modern woman to better assist your company towards achieving your diversity and inclusion goals.

01 the female factor job platform

Europe’s first job platform for female talents showcasing only inclusive companies and reaches 10.000+ qualified female talents. The platform creates a space for displaying a company’s inclusive employer brand which will further support the recruitment strategy and displays the company's benefits. Free job listings are available for a limited time.

the female factor - europe's first job platform for female talents showcasing only inclusive employers

02 where women work

The platform showcases the achievement of female talents while recognizing the employer's effort in supporting their achievements. It also allows companies to reach and engage female talent and remind them about their effort towards forging gender parity.

03 in her sight

A platform which allows women to rate and review their experience at companies anonymously, measure how companies support women employees and get matched to a company that shares their values. This helps employers by showcasing how their employer brand is perceived and what they can do to maintain, support and attract talents.

04 fairygodboss

A platform which enables employers to optimize their visibility by offering unlimited job postings and personalized email alerts that target qualified women. It also offers the possibility to highlight the employer branding profile, along with company benefits and female employees features.

05 power to fly

The platform allows companies to connect and hire diverse professional talent through online events, to showcase their company culture and benefits and subsequently increase brand awareness and job applications.

06 career contessa

Offering a limited-number of brand partnerships, the platform is dedicated to companies committed to supporting women's career development. Through a diverse media kit, it promotes the employer's brand and increases their visibility.

top job platforms to recruit female candidates

We strongly believe that, despite making a profit, every company should also focus on its human factors. By offering your talent pool an inclusive, diverse and safe place for their professional and personal growth to happen, you can safely say you are on the right path as an employer. You can count on us in regards to offering you guiding and support to help you reach your diversity goals and gender equality strategy. You can post your job openings here and welcome more female leaders at the table, where they should be.

If you are eager to learn more about attracting female applicants and retaining your employees, download our free white paper on "how to attract female employees" including a checklist for your business.


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