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Meister partners with the female factor

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

The female factor is proud to announce a partnership with Meister, a fast-growing productivity company that creates stunningly-designed, team-focused software for collaboration. This includes their most popular product, MindMeister, an online mindmapping tool which has over 25 million users around the globe.

the female factor partners with Meister

diversity = productivity = Meister

Research continues to show that diverse teams are more innovative, make better decisions and generate higher financial returns, subsequently making them more productive. However, research also indicates that companies and countries only capture the benefits of gender diversity when they truly view it as an important topic.

In Meister we found a partner that truly embraces both: Productivity is at the heart of the company, and so is diversity.

Picture of Rabea Thies, Head of People and Culture at Meister

“People are at the heart of the Meister philosophy. Diversity within the team is essential to our success: when we nurture diversity, we increase our potential to grow unique ideas. We're proud to partner with the female factor, a step we're sure will drive us to the next level of female empowerment.”

Rabea Thies, Head of People and Culture at Meister.

Meister and the female factor talk teamwork

40% of employees and 33% of senior leadership at Meister are women, including two typically male dominated positions; Head of Sales and Head of Engineering. Meister likes to accelerate the progress in the journey towards gender equality, hence they collaborate with strong partners, such as the female factor, to make it happen.

“It’s fantastic to see Diversity & Inclusion efforts so deeply anchored in a growing SaaS company. We are excited to support Meister in scaling their company while making their people and equal opportunities a priority”, says Mahdis Gharaei, co-founder at the female factor.

A clear goal of this partnership is to attract more female applicants in order to achieve gender equality across all levels at Meister. Additionally, the female factor will provide talent scouting services to source the best female talents for key positions at Meister.

Learn more about Meister and their open positions here.

Ready to hire your next female talent, but need help finding the right candidate? Learn more about our talent scouting services here.

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about Meister

Meister creates online productivity and creativity solutions that enable teams to work seamlessly with each other, wherever they may be based. Their smart web apps help teams of all sizes and all industries turn their ideas into reality, whilst providing end-to-end workflow management. The Meister Suite comprises their products MindMeister, MeisterTask and MeisterNote.


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