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measure your employer brand

use our calculator to discover how your employer brand benchmarks against other companies


of applicants see diversity and inclusion within a company and its employer branding as incentive to apply*


of the signatories of the Diversity Charter state that diversity helps to increase attractiveness as an employer.**


reduced recruitment costs per candidate with an attractive employer brand***

*truffls study on the perception of diversity in German companies 

**EY study on diversity in Germany

**** LinkedIn study

by 2025, 75% of the global workforce will be comprised of millennials. By defining their culture and purpose, companies can attract and retain top talent.

- Ernst and Young

employer branding is no longer a marketing buzzword.

It has become a necessity to position yourself as an attractive employer for both potential and existing employees.

why employer branding is important

The employer brand does not only increase employee productivity and retention rate of existing team members but also helps to attract new talents (at reduced costs).

how can you measure your employer brand?


You can survey your own employees, but beyond your company's reach it's quite a challenge to get the data. We've got you covered. 

are you ready to

measure your employer brand?

we have the resources you need.

learn more about our easy 3-step process


enter your details

including a self-assessment questionnaire to get the full picture


benchmark your results

we'll show you how you score against other industry leaders and recommend the next steps


set some action steps

book your free consultation call  (no strings attached) and we'll guide you through some options to elevate your employer brand


"dynamic, performance oriented, keen on developing people"

what female talents say about different employer brands

enter just a few details and get your employer branding score instantly!

You'll receive: 

  • your employer brand score benchmarked against other companies in your industry

  • tailored recommendations on what you can do to boost your employer brand

  • your results are delivered as pdf which can be directly used as reporting


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