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the future of recruiting 

how to win in the war for talent in 2022 - trends & hacks

hire better. hire faster. and make it fun.


about the event

For the past year, nothing in the world of work has been the same. 

Entirely new recruiting trends have emerged that were not at the top of HR managers' agendas a year ago.


This event will discuss the top 3 trends in recruiting and give hands-on advice on how to win in the war for talent in 2022 and beyond.

what to expect from our the event

This event is for all HR leaders eager to be at the forefront of people & culture practises to win in the war for talent.

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during the event, we will cover the following trends

🔥diversity, equity & inclusion hosted by the female factor

Why DEI is key to creating an inclusive employer brand, to attract and retain employees and win in the war for talent

🔥candidate-centered recruiting hosted by people club

It's a candidate's market and candidate-centered recruiting practices will ensure your company is equipped to attract top talent

🔥data, ai & automation in hiring hosted by trending topics

AI makes the recruiting process faster, more efficient, and frees up time for more important activities in a recruiter's life

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