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the future of job platforms and why it matters for your diversity & inclusion goals

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

As company owners and employers we all know that our teams make all the difference. Most of us are aware by now that diversity across the company is not a nice-to-have but a necessity to stay innovative and competitive. Recruiting and hiring the best fitting talent especially when it comes to women and under-represented groups is resource-intense, even more so if the employer brand is not as popular as one would wish for. Let us introduce you to a way to make diverse hiring a little easier for you.

a shift in power dynamics

The pandemic has recalibrated the power dynamics between employers and workers and this shift is here to stay. For (highly qualified) talents, the market has turned around. The best ones getting the hottest job opportunities delivered on a silver platter and can cherry-pick their favourites. Talents now choose wisely, who they want to work for and where they want to invest their precious time. Companies need to be at their best behaviour and cannot afford lazy hiring strategies, non-inclusive policies or an outdated employee experience - otherwise they'll loose in the war for talents.

“I wanna work where what I do matters, where my time investment can add a positive contribution to the overall impact the company is aiming to create.” - a female talent about the ideal workplace

job platforms are not reflecting the needs of talents

As employers we are aware of the importance of showcasing our employer brand, but sometimes we are having a hard time selling it. Up to 80 %* of applicants are coming through job ads on a variety of career platforms. But job platforms today are mostly centered around showcasing professions, location and salary ranges.

Studies show that especially for diverse talent money isn’t the most important factor anymore, but impact, self-fulfillment, location- and time independence, a diverse leadership culture and development opportunities are. But currently job platforms are not reflecting this shift in priorities and job seekers are having a hard time to find fitting companies, that offer all these opportunities.

what female leaders want in the workplace
what female leaders want in the workplace

introducing your unfair advantage in the war for talents

As millennials (and employers) ourselves we wanted to facilitate this shift in power dynamics and support companies who are putting their people first in positioning their employer brand amongst the next generation of diverse talents.

“If you want to stay competitive in the war for (female) talents, it's important to invest in your employer brand and start showcasing your efforts.”

As the female factor we are already connecting employers and (female) job seekers through mentoring, networking and our career programs.

To have an even bigger impact, we created something more scalable:

We are super excited to announce the launch of our next generation job platform, reaching 10.000+ (female) talents world-wide and showcasing workplace factors that really matter. Employers are able to stand out by adding cultural aspects, development opportunities (like mentoring programs, sponsorship & networks) and flexible working conditions.

Our team hand-picks job opportunities and is vetting every single company including the following criteria:

  • inclusive language usage across communication channels

  • diverse representation across channels

  • diverse leadership team

  • diversity & inclusion goals in place

  • employee benefits offered

  • presence and reviews across career platforms

Only if companies reach a certain number of points, their job ads will be listed on our platform.

Talents on the other hand can search according to the factors that really matter to them when it comes to their ideal workplace:

  • (flexible) working conditions

  • development opportunities

  • diverse leadership

  • family-friendly policies

As part of our mission to close the gender leadership gap, we are delighted to now play an even bigger role in connecting female talents with inclusive companies.

Are you currently hiring? For a limited time you can post your job for free*.

*Please note, we are reserving the right to reject your job ad, as our team will be vetting every company first. In case the criteria is not fulfilled, we’d be happy to support you in your D&I efforts.

In any case, if you are currently trying to achieve certain D&I goals, or working on enhancing your employer brand, we’d be happy to assist.

Thank you once again for being with us on this journey, we are looking forward to making big things happen together!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at any time!


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