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the female factor and PHH announce partnership to support women in law

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

We are more than proud to announce a new partnership with PHH Rechtsanwälte, top-tier law firm in the field of business law in Austria.

Law has traditionally been a male-dominated area for centuries, with only 20 % of lawyers promoted to partner level globally*, and even less women, acting as managing partners.

"Women belong in all places where decisions are being made. It shouldn't be that women are the exception." - Ruth Bader Ginsberg

descriptive graph on the the reasons why women are not so excited to make partner in business

PHH Rechtsanwälte sets a great example when it comes to changing these traditional models by partnering with the female factor, an initiative meant to promote equality of chances on all levels.

“We stand for diversity and equal opportunities for all employees. About 37.5% of our partners and 50 % of our counsels are women. Our goal is to increase the ratio to 50% at all levels. We aim to create a workplace where women and men get the same opportunities for leading positions” says Julia Fritz, Managing Partner at PHH.

“PHH Rechtsanwälte is our law firm of choice, as they are leading by example with their progressive leadership models and family-friendly policies. With Julia Fritz being one of the youngest managing partners at a law firm in Austria at only 32 years old, as part of an incredible leadership duo, she’s a role model for many more women in law to come. We are looking forward to amplifying their success,” explains Mahdis Gharaei, CEO at the female factor.

female and man representatives from PHH Rechtsanwälte, showcasing their initiative to support women in law
PHH Rechtsanwälte supporting women in law

Together, PHH Rechtsanwälte and the female factor are actively working on enabling more ambitious female lawyers to step up as leaders through boosting confidence, competence and connections.

about our partner.

PHH logo

PHH Rechtsanwälte is a top-tier law firm founded in Austria. They recently received the "Women in Law 21st Century Rechtsanwaltskanzlei" award, which recognizes law firms that promote the use of paternity leave and parental leave by their male associates and develop similar concepts for self-employed persons.

Julia Fritz

Julia Fritz focuses on real estate law, property law and supporting real estate projects. Her main area of expertise lies in structuring, implementing and processing of property law transactions. Julia was called to the bar in 2015 and has been a partner at PHH Attorneys at Law since 2017.


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